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Adidas X 16.1 SG

Adidas X 16.1 SG

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Condition : 8.5/10

Colour : Blue/White/Shock Pink

Product Code : BB5739

Adidas kicks off 2017 with the dazzling Blue Blast Pack, designed to boost your on-field performance. This collection aims to make you the fastest player on the pitch, leaving opponents trailing behind.

The adidas X series is crafted for players who thrive in the spotlight and create chaos with their speed. These boots are for game-changers who disrupt defenses and dominate the field. With the X, you’ll leave defenders in disbelief, but the score will speak for itself.

• Part of the Blue Blast Pack
• Worn by players like Gareth Bale, Luis Suárez, and Karim Benzema
• Techfit compression upper - Weight: 213 grams

One-Piece Upper for Enhanced Performance

The X16.1 features a Techfit compression upper made from a single piece of material, providing a snug fit from the first wear. This design ensures exceptional comfort and reduces break-in time, offering a unique touch and feel on the ball. The upper is coated with adidas’ Non-Stop Grip (NSG) technology, a layer of 3D dots that enhance grip and ball control in any weather.

Unique Heel Construction for Maximum Support

The PureChaos heel construction locks the boot to your foot, ensuring stability and confidence during quick direction changes. The specially woven Midcut section around the Achilles tendon provides superior stability and freedom of movement.

Redesigned Sprintframe Outsole

The PureChaos model features an updated Sprintframe outsole, known for its low profile, lightness, and flexibility. This design offers optimal grip, support, and stability, crucial for rapid direction changes and speed bursts. The FG/AG hybrid studs make these boots versatile for various pitch types.

Weight: 213 grams.
This SG version is designed for soft ground surfaces, such as wet natural grass.

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